High Fidelity Streaming for Musicians and Artists

What is Blue Skies?

Audio/Video Meeting for Music Professionals

While other meeting platforms favor speech and video, Blue Skies prioritizes audio. This means that no matter what instrument, no matter what sound, your audio comes through true-to-life. Whether teaching, learning, performing, or collaborating, we know the importance of audio fidelity. That’s why Blue Skies offers:

  • High-fidelity audio streaming
  • Only 8 milliseconds of latency
  • Up to 1,500 passive listeners
  • The ability to reduce video quality to preserve audio
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No special equipment required

We wanted to make Blue Skies accessible to everyone. That’s why no special equipment is necessary. Whether you are broadcasting or spectating, you probably already have what you need to get started. Blue Skies only requires:

  • Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android
  • An up-to-date browser
  • An internet connection with at least 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload
  • A USB microphone
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With high-quality audio, you can focus on what's important and not have to worry about technical settings. This means that you are able to do what you do best, and ensure that your students are really hearing what you want them to. Audio quality first, and video when you need it.


Because Blue Skies runs on a variety of platforms, you won't need to purchase expensive equipment as you continue learning your instrument. You'll be able to see and most-importantly, hear all the subtleties of what your teacher is showing you.


With support for up to 1,500 listeners, you can reach more with your performances than ever. And with our audio technology, you know that your audience is hearing what you really have to offer.


Thanks to ultra-low latency, it is now possible to really create and collaborate with others at a distance. Hold online jam sessions and even record them in SD or HD formats for later referral.